2018 Summer Has Come and Gone

I last posted some photos in March, and now here it is September. Summer went by so fast here at the Shepherd’s Place. Between running Lighthouse Trails, working on the lodge, cooking for and spending time with guests, and keeping up with the garden, each day raced into the next. But every day was a gift from God, and we reminded ourselves daily of His faithfulness and goodness. We were also blessed and thankful that we had no fire threat near us this year (we know many did in the NW).

Our Spanish translator (who translates our books and booklets), Sally, is a retired missionary to Columbia and lives in Columbia most of the year; she took the train from Oregon and stayed with us for a week this summer. We worked together to get several booklets ready for publication. It was so wonderful having her here – we hated to see her go, but she promised to return next summer. John, a retired Nazarene pastor, also came for a visit. His wife, Linda, passed away earlier this year after an 8-year battle with an auto-immune disease. John lovingly took care of her all those years. We loved having him here and fellowshipping together. He told us he loved being at The Shepherd’s Place and felt renewed by the time he left.

Dave spends a considerable time in the forest each summer, taking down dead trees, bucking them up, then bringing the bucked wood to the two buildings and stacking it (next year, he hopes to get at least one wood shed built. He has finished most of the flooring in the lodge and will spend the winter months putting up the rest of the trim and doors. Here below are some new photos. We feel we are 90% done with the inside of the lodge. If all goes well, we will do the outside deck next summer.

Some shots of the main dining/lounge room. As you can see the floors are done (with some temporary area rugs). The opening you see at the end of the room leads into the entry way and will have double doors to divide the foyer from the main room (helping to keep the cold air from outside coming in.

There are three wooden dining tables. Haven’t got all the chairs yet. Some local young men, including 2 from an Amish family, built our tables.

Our old classic upright piano has now reached what will probably be it’s last destination. Dave plays beautiful hymns and worship music (when he’s not editing or working in the forest).

This is the spot where the serving table will sit.

You may recognize the photo in this framed picture (frame made by a local Amish family). The photo is from the cover of one of the books we published. The author gave us permission to enlarge it. The verse is from John 10:11: “I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.”

[caption id="attachment_1055" align="aligncenter" width="640"] One of the bedrooms. Just needs baseboar and door trim. Each bedroom has a door that leads to outside.

The garden did really great this year. We plan to expand it next year.

Amazingly, we had raspberries for two full months (July and August). They were wonderful and grow so well in Montana!

Another view of the garden. Around here, you have to have a tall fence to keep the deer out.

This is Esther, the border collie we got about a month before Jacob died. She’s half the size of Jacob, but she’s so sweet and funny and gives us a lot of enjoyment.

A beautiful buck standing out in the meadow one evening.

A shot taken up on Burma Road, which has amazing views right into Canada. There is also a hundred-year-old abandoned apple orchard so we gathered a knap sack full.

This is Dickie Lake (about 8 miles from us). It has a wonderful hike. Across the lake is a summer Bible camp.

Dave and Ester up on Burma Road one Sunday afternoon.

An evening sunset view from our land, near the creek.

Another view from our land.

This is the view from the dining room at the lodge. There will be snow on those mountains soon.



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