Update on Happenings at The Shepherd’s Place

No pictures of the land on this post but wanted to give an update on how things are going.

1. We have been doing clean up on the grounds: removing several pick up loads of branches and also remaining unusable scraps from the building work.

2. We had an excavator come with his equipment and grade the land near both buildings. It really needed it, or rain water would be causing large pools of water. He also brought in 4 truck loads of top soil (at a very good price), and we have planted our first large patch of Montana wildgrass and wildflowers. It’s very hot this week so we are having to keep the seeded area watered all day long – once it sprouts, that will be nice.

3. Finished planting the garden and also finished with the 8 foot high deer fence. Now and then I spot a couple deer standing just on the outside of the garden fence. I can tell they are longing to be in that garden. I notice that deer are very curious creatures. Dave says they love to eat the branches from recently dropped trees. No doubt they would like the tender leaves of lettuce, peas, and spinach from the garden too.

4. The most important thing going on right now is the preparation for the lodge siding job, which will begin on the 25th of this month. This week two fellows, Steve and Justin, are putting a water sealer on the backside of every single piece of siding and staining all of the window trim boards. We decided to go with a dutch cedar drop siding. It’s a horizontal siding technique. This photo is a picture of drop siding (you can click on the picture to see it up close).

Next week, our local carpenter, Dean, will be putting up the window trim headers with flashing and also the ledger boards, which are the boards that will hold the deck. I’m pretty sure we won’t get the deck up until next spring, but the ledger boards have to go on before the siding.

5. In addition to all of this happening, LT released its latest book, and it has been a very busy release week. A lot of people are showing interest in this book. I think it shows just how concerned Bible-believing Christians are regarding the state of the world today.

Our prayer is that the Lord can use The Shepherd’s Place for His glory and for the edification of contenders of the faith. Thank you again for your prayers and support.

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