Drywalling Completed – Now Taping, Mudding, and Sanding

Now that the drywalling is finished (other than a few pieces), we have moved onto taping, mudding, and sanding – another big job. We have some volunteers coming in here in late spring, but we could sure use some help right now if anyone is available.


These are the two upstairs inventory rooms and a small under the attic stairs closet. We will stock these two rooms with our Bible verse tea, baskets from Kenya, DVDs, and CDs (all the light stuff so we won’t have to carry heavy boxes up and down the stairs).


The apartment bathroom, located on the second floor of the shop. We are rushing to finish this room so volunteers staying over can use it.


The apartment kitchenette. We bought the gas range and refrigerator this weekend.


My office.


Dave’s office, but we will be using it for a volunteer guest room right now. Hoping to paint this and the bathroom next week.


This is our shipping room. There will be three shipping stations, an invoicing desk, several shelves for stock that will be placed down the middle of the room; plus our large Xerox printer that prints the journals and booklets will be here.


This is a 16′ x 25′ inventory room that sits right next to the shipping room. The reason there is no drywall ceiling on these two rooms is because we are going to be installing duct work for the propane furnace. We’ll put the ductwork in the ceiling of the shipping room next week so we can close that off. It didn’t go exactly how we had planned, but it’s going to work out, and we’ll be very glad for the extra heat source.


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