An Early Winter in Montana

We’ve been thinking about and praying for those in California who have been so terribly affected by the fires. When we look out our own windows and see the scenes below, it’s hard to imagine that there are fires just three states away.

If you look through the trees, you can see the log fence for our new memorial garden.

You can’t see the mountains here because the clouds were dumping a lot of snow on them that day.

The trees that look kind of bare are the Tamaracks, an evergreen that loses it’s needles in the fall and then gets news again in the spring.


We went on a hike on Sunday where there was no snow and came upon these beautiful mule deer. They were actually standing only about 20 feet from us.

This is the mama, and she was concerned about our border collie Esther. We quickly tethered Esther and moved on our way. As we began to walk away, the mule deer actually started heading our way, but just for a moment.

We wrapped up our walk at the Koocanusa Lake/River, which is just a few miles from the Canadian border. We can see the Canadian Rockies from here. This group of ducks were enjoying the sun before heading south.

There are the awesome, snow-covered Canadian Rockies. They are quite spectacular!



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