Volunteer Brings Beautiful Flowers to the Shepherd’s Place

We were blessed to have Stacey from Texas come out and volunteer for several days. While she was here, she took me to a local nursery and bought a lot of flowers for the Shepherd’s Place. She also helped us to get our garden in. Praise the Lord! And some of the flowers she got are deer resistant! I didn’t know there was such a thing. That means we can plant them anywhere without fencing.

Dave now has all the light fixtures in at the lodge (except in the dining room which has to wait for the tongue and groove ceiling and walls). He’s working on finishing up with light switches and outlets and plans to turn on all those finished lights sometime this coming week. Let there be light!

We are going to be picking up two 50-gallon water heaters this week as well as the lumber for the interior windows and door trim. Will also pick up some of the interior doors.

We hired Ben, a local young man,  to build us three octagon shaped tables for the dining room. Each one will seat 8 people. He used blue pine wood. They are sanded, and all we need to do now is stain and coat them.

Please pray for us when you think of it. Between Lighthouse Trails and the work on the grounds, needless to say we are keeping very busy.


One of the pots we assembled with Stacey’s beautiful flowers.



I was delighted to learn that deer don’t like fox glove and these pretty red flowers. Thus, we planted them outside the garden fence.

P1040121 P1040120 P1040118 P1040117 P1040116 And now for some pictures of the newly planted garden.

P1040115 P1040114 P1040112 Here is a list of what we planted in the garden: strawberries, rasberries, potatoes, snow peas, green beans, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, lots of different greens, herbs (the tomatoes and peppers are in the green house – they don’t like the cool Montana summer nights), zuccini, winter squash, beets, radishes, horseradish, rhubarb, and I can’t remember what else right now.

Here are some photos of the new tables and light fixtures at the lodge:


One of the bedrooms. That fixture isn’t as small as it looks in this photo.


The entry way.


The kitchen. You can’t see the inset ceiling lights in this photo. The three lights are for the island, which will have a sink for washing vegetables. To the right is one of the many wall sconces throughout for soft amber lighting.


These tables will still be standing in a hundred years (should the Lord tarry).

P1040132Finally a few photos taken around the lodge today.


A view from one of the lodge bedrooms. How would you like to wake up to that?


It’s hard to see in the photo, but this field of green grass has hundreds of wildflowers of different varieties growing. We threw down the seed last year.


The back view of the lodge looking down from the hill behind it.


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