Lots of Rain, Our First Snow, And All is Well!

Shortly after we asked our LT friends to pray, within a few days, the temperatures started dropping, and we started getting light rain. Now, the last few days, we have had a lot of rain. And today, we had our first snow! We are thanking the Lord for answering all of our prayers.

The fire is not out yet, and we could have a dry, warmer fall, but we will keep our hope up (in Him). We are going to a fire meeting tonight to meet the new crew commander and hear what he has to say. The Type II team left for another fire and sent in a Type III team to maintain the fire line, do some burning from the fire line to the fire, and do mop up. The fire will continue burning East and Northeast until weather puts it out. But there has been very little growth this past week because of the wonderful rainy weather. Here are some photos I just took from the lodge view. As you can see, all is well.

P1030350 P1030351 P1030356 P1030357 P1030361


Here is a photo we took driving home on the highway after checking out the fire one evening about the time the weather started changing. It was raining lightly, and we had this most beautiful sunset.

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