Fire Growing

Last evening before dark, we drove over to the fire area. It was discouraging to see how the fire has spread. It has grown very close to our worker’s property, and the forestry dept. has set up sprinklers and a water tank at her place should the fire reach there. This morning, the smoke is so thick here at our place that we are all feeling the effects of breathing the smoke. It’s so hard to witness what is happening. The Federal Government’s managing of forest fires on forestry land that now belongs to the Federal Government is disheartening. It’s a very lethargic attempt to put out fires. This particular fire could have been put out within the first two days when it was about 3 acres, but they pulled off the helicopter that was dumping retardant effectively just like that. By the next morning, the fire was twice as big. Then they waited for days before doing much of anything at all. By then, the fire was several hundred acres large and out of control. Thank you for your prayers. I know we are not the only place that is suffering from forest fires right now. It seems the whole western side of the country is burning up.

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