Slip-On Tank, Staining, the Fire, and Gathering Clouds

Our slip-on tank brought by my nephew Jason from Oregon has arrived. We put it in a spot that is right in between both buildings. You can see the 500-gallon water tank behind it in the trees, which will be back up water. My brother sent enough hose to reach both the Lodge and the shop.
P1030326 P1030327 P1030329


You can see how much the fire has grown. It has now burned about 2000 acres. We estimate that it is about 5000 acres away from us now.


In the meantime, here are some recent photos of the lodge. You can see that Dave is getting the staining done. Still need to get the cedar shakes up on the gable ends. A volunteer, Steve, is coming out next week to help us do the window and corner trim on the lodge.

P1030333 P1030331 P1030330




Clouds have been gathering most of the day. We are praying for rain. At this point, that is pretty much the only thing that will put out the fire now. We attended a community meeting last night, and the fire fighting team told us their main goal at this point is to protect properties. Dave is working hard these past few days clearing our woods of standing dead trees and dry branches on the ground.

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