New Concrete Work at The Shepherd’s Place


Matt and his two sons, LT volunteers, came to The Shepherd’s Place this week and laid forms and poured concrete for a porch way for our shop.


They also poured a 10′ x 20′ pad on the side of the shop (the Light House building) for a lean-to workshop for Dave. We hope to get it framed and dried in before winter as we really need this workshop/tool storage section. Thank you to Matt and the boys for doing this!



In the meantime, Dave is finishing up the lapsiding on the lodge. This is the last side to be done. Then he will stain it, and later, he will put up the cedar shakes on the gable ends.


One of our 37 new trees. This one, I believe, is a sugar maple.



An early morning view of the lodge taken from the creek area.

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