Siding on Lodge Going Up


The lodge at Shepherd’s Place is getting sided. Daniel and John came and volunteered for several days to side. (Click on any photo to enlarge it.)


There’s Dave on the work site helping cut the pieces of siding. We are using a cedar drop siding.


The three story scaffolding wasn’t high enough. Daniel is on a step ladder to reach the highest peek of the cathedral window side. Yikes!


Almost finished. Putting up the last pieces on this side. After all the siding is done, we’ll be staining it an oxford brown. Next Spring, we hope to put up the deck.


In the meantime, five of our grandchildren came to visit us. Here Daniel (our son) is working with four of them, loading up to pickup with branches to take to the landfill. You can see these children really love Montana. Thanks for helping kids!


After the work was done, the children headed down to the creek on The Shepherd’s Place and cooled off in the mountain creek water.


Shiloh and Taylor take some time to float down the creek.


The men climbed a large tree overlooking the swim hole and put up a rope.


A couple Sunday’s ago, we took Isabella to Carpenter Lake and went out in our little fishing boat. She caught a small trout.


It was a beautiful day. Isabella swam in the 90+ degree weather.


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