Electrical at Lodge Beginning and Logs for Deck Taken to Mill

This week Dave has begun installing the electrical wiring at the lodge. We had a volunteer here for a week who helped us prepare for this job and who also helped us get our greenhouse up. Tomorrow after work we are going to a farm and picking up some manure for our garden. The weather is wonderful right now. And being on the land with LT in the new shop is so great.

Please pray for Dave as he does the electrical job this month. It’s a big undertaking. He hopes to complete it by the end of the month.

When we finished with the move about two weeks ago, we were very exhausted, but we are regaining our stamina. LT was only down for two work days, which was amazing, and things are running very smoothly now. In fact, our office crew has been stuffing envelopes all day with the May/June journal that will be mailed out tomorrow.


Last week, a local logger came and picked up our two piles of logs and took them to a small saw mill up by the Canadian border. They are going to cut our logs into lumber, and we will be using it to build the lodge deck. It cuts the cost of lumber for the deck by more than half.


These two piles of logs are from the trees we had to cut down in order to build. Dave and I both love trees, and it was hard to watch them come down.


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