The Move is Over!

I can’t remember when I have been so exhausted, but thanks to the Lord’s faithfulness and a hard-working moving and unpacking crew, we have completed our two-phase move. Lighthouse Trails is now in its new home, and so are we! Below are just a few shots we thought you might like to see. Incredibly, while we still have many boxes to unpack, we became operational by the end of today and will be fully functioning Monday morning.


My office.


This is a shot of half of the shipping room. We divided the room into two. This section is where our booklets are made as well as put into shrink wrap bags. Behind that white board is an office cubicle where orders are processed. You can see our tea on the shelves.


This is the second half of the shipping room, where all the shipping takes place and where the books and DVDs are shelved. There are three shipping stations in this room. We’re no Harvest House or Thomas Nelson (that’s probably a good thing), but you’d be surprised at how much we accomplish. We are currently shipping out 400 orders a month. Many of them are small booklet orders, but it encourages us to know there are many believers out there who are on the front lines and finding help with our materials.


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