“The Lighthouse” Siding is Going Up

Our two Albertan volunteers plus our local hired carpenter and Dave are putting up the siding on The Lighthouse building this week. For this building, we are doing a rough-cut plywood with cedar battens and cedar-shake gables. We found cedar at a local, family-owned lumber company for very good prices. The photos you see below are just the rough-cut plywood unstained. I’ll post more pictures when the staining and bats are up.


The view I saw today when I was driving up to the land. I had to go to Columbia Falls today (about 45 miles) to pick up some materials for the guys.


You can see the rough cut board up on two sides. The horizontal wood strip going along the wall above the front door is the ledger where the porch roof will be built. There will be a nice porch for LT visitors to sit in the summer when they are not at The Lodge.


The door and windows are covered in plastic and blue tape as Dave prepares to spray the stain on that. Hope he is careful when he climbs that scaffolding.



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