Phase 1 Completed – Sleeping Under the Trees at “The Lighthouse”

We have successfully moved our personal effects into the 1 bedroom apartment, which is above the LT shop. The move went smoothly even though it was very exhausting. I am calling this Phase 1. In less than two weeks, phase 2 will take place, which is moving the publishing operation into the shop. Now THAT is a big job! We have about 10 people lined up to help with that – yes, it takes that many to move thousands of pounds of books, a huge printer, desks, and many shelves.

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Photo of an elk

While this has been a very stretching time for Dave and I, it is wonderful to finally be living on this land. We fall asleep looking at the stars through the window and wake up before the sun comes up and see the silhouette of the trees right outside our window. On our first night there, Dave and I went out to the forest to gather up some firewood that we had cut up last fall, and we heard a strange noise very close by. We suddenly realized it was the sound of an elk, not more than a few yards away! This is Montana, and there is lots of wildlife.

Yesterday, two dear fellows, who happen to be experienced carpenters from, came down as volunteers, and they are helping Dave and our hired carpenter put up the siding on the shop this week. We are so grateful.

We have been trying to come up with a name for the shop/apartment building. The other building is The Lodge, and thanks to the suggestion of one of our sons, we are going to call this building “The Lighthouse.” That seemed to make a lot of sense.

Thank you to those who have been praying for us and also to those who have donated to help us hire help. In two weeks, with the help of another volunteer, Dave will begin putting in the electrical wiring in The Lodge.


The apartment kitchenette


A sitting area outside my office for Internet connection


The bathroom in the apartment


The apartment living room – small and cozy.


Dave’s office, which we are using for a guest room until the lodge is finished.







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