Please Pray for Safety—And a “Thank you” to Our Co-Laborers in Christ

Tonight, I hope to be posting photos of the installed cathedral windows at the lodge. Please pray for Dave and his helper today as they are using a sky jack lift to install those windows. The lift is very safe, but there is still some ice on the ground, and it is two stories high.

Thank you to those who have sent donations for the building project. Because of those donations, we have been able to hire extra help, including a local drywaller who is going to finish up the mudding and taping at the shop (it’s a very time consuming job!). That is all supposed to be done by Monday. We also were able to hire a local carpenter again for a couple weeks who had been helping on the project earlier. He installed some of the duct work at the shop yesterday (for the furnace to be installed in the summer) and is helping with the windows today. In addition, with donations, we purchased an airless paint sprayer, which is going to make the priming and painting of both buildings so much easier and less time consuming.

Thank you also for those of you who have volunteered to come out and help us this spring and summer. First, we are happy to finally be able to meet some of you face to face and to have you part of this work in this manner. And secondly, we are so grateful to have the help—as we truly need it, and we thank God for His provision through you. Our first volunteers are coming out in mid-March. We still need a couple volunteers for the first two weeks in April and the first two weeks in May, if either of those times work for anyone. And July and August are still open too. We can pick volunteers up at the Kalispell International Airport, and we will soon have “rooms at the inn” finished enough for free lodging for volunteers. We can also accommodate RVs with electricity and water.

To each of you—those who are praying, those who are donating, and those who are volunteering—we consider you co-laborers in Christ, and we pray that the Shepherd’s Place will bring glory to God and edification to the body of Christ.

 For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building. (1 Corinthians 3:9)


On the drive home from Kalispell last Saturday. We were there to buy paint for the shop and also wood trim for the windows and doors. It was a beautiful day in NW Montana. Here you can see a glimpse of Dickie Lake.


Another view of the lake. I took it while driving (my bad). But I wanted to show each of you the lake. I was driving behind Dave who was driving the pickup. We needed both vehicles that day.


There is Dave in our faithful ol’ 1970 Ford pickup. That truck never dies!


There is a Christian & Missionary Alliance Bible camp on the other side of that lake.


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