The Shop Has a Roof!

Today was a busy day at The Shepherd’s Place. The sheeting on the shop (the headquarters for our publishing ministry) was completed, and tomorrow they will put tar paper over that and begin shingling the roof. It was wonderful to stand inside the building and see walls and a roof, even though we were standing in lots of snow and ice. But this evening after work, we began shoveling out the snow and melting the ice. We also covered the windows with plastic until the actual windows are installed.


This is the upstairs of the new shop. It has two offices, a large inventory room and a 1 bedroom apartment where we will stay when the lodge is filled up with guests.


Today, the plumber came and began installing all the plumbing rough ins for the shop.


Another upstairs view. You can see the rough in stairs. We removed a lot of snow from this second floor.


The upstairs apartment bathroom. There will be one downstairs too.


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