The Shop Roof Trusses Are On and a Special Winter Surprise


Dave looks on as the roof trusses for the new shop are being put on. You can see the crane hoisting them up.

P1020277 P1020278


This past week since the trusses went on, there’s not been any work done. Workers spending time with families and single digit temperatures again. But as you can see from this photo, it remains beautiful at the Shepherd’s Place.


We surprised our visiting son and grandson with an authentic dog sled adventure. 10 dogs pulled the sled into the Glacier mountain foothills for 12 miles. If you come visit the Shepherd’s Place in winter, you can do this too. It was a beautiful peaceful sled ride and not too expensive either.


Sled riders are bundled up good to stay warm.


The dogs are anxious to get going. They love running. This is life in Northwest Montana in the winter.


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