A Great Snowy Day at The Shepherd’s Place

Today, the roof sheeting was nailed onto the trusses, and the shingles and tar paper were placed on the roof with a large crane. Dave and I spent the late afternoon after shipping at LT brushing a whole lot of snow out of the lodge. Tomorrow, the roofer will begin laying the shingles.


Brad is putting the sheeting up on the roof. You can see, there is fresh snow. It snowed most of the morning, but the afternoon was a dry warm 34 degrees.


Here you can see a close up of the shingles that were placed on the roof, ready for the roofer tomorrow.


This the truck with the crane lift that placed the shingles on the roof.


The two men on the roof are the roofers.


I am following behind Dave in his faithful old pickup this morning. He is carrying the roof fascia boards (which we stained this week) and is on the road to the site. Brad and Shawn will be putting up the fascia tomorrow, Saturday.


Some of our “friendly” neighbors. We came across a large herd of mule deer on our hike last Sunday. You can see the snow had nearly melted (but it’s back). The mule deer look and act much different than the deer we usually see.


Evening is setting in. The pass isn’t visible through the snow clouds, but it is beautiful, serene, and lovely at The Shepherd’s Place.






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